15 Reasons to Date an Accountant

Perchance you don’t allow the president regarding the math nightclub a good opportunity in twelfth grade. Now that you’re older and better, consider claiming yes to your meal go out together with your accountant.

Listed below are 15 reasons to date an accountant:

1. Need to assess a tip? Your go out thinks figures are fun.

2. Accountants are exceptional decision-makers.

3. They may be honest. Accounting firms follow strict bookkeeping requirements. If you love playing by the rules, an accountant can be your perfect match.

4. They’re additionally proficient at locating loopholes. Accountants be aware of the rules so well, they are able to make them be right for you.

5. Brains are breathtaking.

6. Accounting firms are often discovering and updating their own expertise base.

7. Accountants are not afraid of dedication. (They stuck with bookkeeping, correct?)

8. They’ve got techniques like Jagger. Actually. Mick Jagger used to be students of accountancy. Thus ended up being Janet Jackson.

9. They’ll make concern out of cash matters. Date an accountant, thereisn’ need to fear getting audited.

10. You’ll have tax-season support.

11. Accountants tend to be both teachers and stress-relievers, helping people make sense of complicated regulations and terms and conditions.

12. If “financially responsible” is on your own essential listing, look absolutely no further.

13. Got a secret? Accounting firms tend to be dependable, reliable and can manage private info.

14. You will get no-cost economic advice from somebody you know has actually the best interests in your mind.

15. Accounting firms tend to be upwards for a challenge.

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